Sanket Television

Sanket Tv is a portfolio of 24×7 cable channel, digital platforms and social channels focusing on creating and presenting engaging content. We craft high-quality content for the digital medium and present it across platforms delivering a consistent, relevant, and engaging experience.

Understanding the deep insights gained with over 85 million user engagements, Sanket Tv is forward looking and continues to delight its steadily growing and increasingly mobile user base. Independent, Responsible, and Connected, the digital platforms aim at creating user relationships that go beyond consumption to active engagement.

Central to our vision and content strategy, Sanket Tv is actively involved with local communities and envisions brand collaboration efforts in ground, as well as digital events.

Especially, Sanket Tv has developed an active engagement on the Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/sankettv) with 175K plus followers. Similarly, YouTube channel of Sanket Tv (www.youtube.com/sankettv) has crossed 34 million plus video and a decent 1.52 lakhs plus Subscribers.

The news and current affairs content served by Sanket Tv is further reaching out to the global audience through leading web and social platforms like twitter.

LIVE Streaming with Sanket Tv

Are you looking for LIVE Streaming service any parts of Odisha? Want to Stream any Social, Public or Official event LIVE on your social media channels like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter?

‘Sanket Tv’, the digital media brings the service to your door step.

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Choose Sanket Tv Digital Media to showcase your products & services and reach out your target audience through our Web and Social Channels.


Sanket Tv

OT Road, IDCO Square, Baghajatin Market Complex, Balasore- 76001, Odisha

Cell- 70084 52682

M: (CEO) 9437140373

Email: sankettelevision@gmail.com

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